Easy Vape Digital

Read This Before Buying An Easy Vape Digital — The True Reason Why Easy Vape Is Called “Easy Vape”

Easy Vape Digital is a desktop dry herb vaporizer that’s designed and engineered to provide users a straightforward and uncomplicated means of loose-leaf consumption. You can say that it’s one of the most rudimentary forms of vaporizers since it’s stipped off of the fanciest features and is left with just the bare essentials to provide the general cannabis consuming public with an affordable option that can still hold exemplary quality while sporting an extremely reasonable price tag. It’s simply the best desktop vaporizer for sale contrasting the trend in today’s market that’s flooded with high-tech vaporizers. The Easy Vape Digital consists of basic components like a glass wand, a vape tubing, a mouthpiece, a power cord, and the actual desktop vaporizer. Having fewer components to work with means you’d have less to worry about, no advanced technology and engineering that otherwise complicate the simple and intelligible art of dry herb vaping.

Don’t get me wrong, having a desktop vaporizer with high-tech features is convenient, but convenience in this case usually comes with a hefty price. Easy Vape Digital vaporizers are able to achieve premium-quality vaporizers not by cutting costs on materials but by building vaporizers that use high-quality components without the unnecessary peculiarities. Let’s face it, how often are you going to use a desktop vaporizers’ remote control feature? Probably when you have friends coming over, but when you’re vaping home alone, you’d want that interaction with your desktop unit. I know some would say that it’s all just personal preference and I’m not here to convince you or to change your mind but I’m here to tell your practical self that while some vaporizers are definitely for show, some are meant to be daily drivers and if you’re looking for an affordable desktop unit with high-quality components and an inexpensive device that will give you your money’s worth, then the Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer is the best desktop vaporizer for you.

It can cut off smoking and vaping costs by 80%. Its parts are relatively economical and are easy to find, but that does not mean they’re easy to break. You can save money in replacement pieces and use them for material instead. And while smoking and burning loose-leaves will damage your lungs over time, Easy Vape Digital will vaporize and heat up herbs without getting to the point of combustion. Out of all the desktop vaporizers I’ve tried, the Easy Vape Digital vaporizer is one of the most user-friendly. I wouldn’t be surprised that even a beginner or a novice without any prior vaping experience will be able to operate and vape like a pro with the Easy Vape. If you’re interested and want to find the best place to grab one of these best desktop vaporizers for sale head on to this link to get to a reputable online seller where I got my Easy Vape Digital from.

Once you’ve got yourself one, you’d want to go through these easy steps on how you can start using your Easy Vape Digital vaporizer.


The Prep

Here’s a quick tip for those who just got their Easy Vape Digital desktop vaporizers out of the box, you’d want to prime and sterilize your vaporizer and you do that by setting the temperature level to the maximum and letting it stay there for about 15 to 20 minutes. You’d also want to get the glass heating chamber and place it in the heating element. That will sanitize both the heating chamber and the vaporizer itself. Now to clean the plastic tubing and the glass mouthpiece you can prepare a solution of warm water and kitchen salt, use it to clean the glass mouthpiece and the plastic tubing, make sure you rinse it with water after you’re done cleaning it with your solution.

Next, you want to prepare your material. I recommend grinding your herbs to a coarse to semi-fine grind, I generally don’t find that ground herbs that have almost a sand-like consistency works well with the Easy Vape Digital, in this case, you’d want to keep it to a consistency where your herbs won’t easily fall off the chamber. The reason behind this is because when loading the Easy Vape Digital, the opening of the glass chamber points down towards the heating element instead of upwards. This creates sort of an ingenious and unique design which allows the materials to fall downwards as they are vaporized which means there’s literally no need for stirring. They automatically fall close to the heating element preventing wastes and overly burnt material.


The Assembly

To assemble its components simply follow these easy steps.

  1. Connect the plastic tubing to the glass heating chamber.
  2. Connect the glass mouthpiece to the plastic tubing.
  3. Load material to the glass heating chamber.

Note: To load the Easy Vape Digital, tilt it sideways and connect the chamber to the heating element. It’s recommended that you load about two thirds around the transparent section of the heating chamber.

  1. Select desired temperature setting.
  2. Start vaping.


How To Use

  1. Plug the Easy Vape Digital desktop vaporizer to a secure and steady power source, preferably a wall socket.
  2. Turn on the Easy Vape Digital desktop vaporizer by pressing on the knob once.
  3. Assemble the components and load your material to your vaporizer.
  4. Allow the heating element to vaporize the materials and slowly inhale and start vaping.


Final Thoughts

The Easy Vape Digital vaporizer is a no fuss no muss vaporizer. Although it does not fall into the category of high-end top-shelf vaporizers, the Easy Vape Digital certainly gets the job done. It also functions as an aromatherapy device allowing its users to use a mixture of herbs and essential oils from Eucalyptus leaves and flowers like Chamomile, Lavender, Sage, and Thyme. It’s simply one of the best desktop vaporizers of 2018, it can perform as good as desktop units twice its price and is in no way inferior in terms of vapor production.