Easy Vape Digital Five Review

Easy Vape Digital Five

In this present era where technology and science is vastly evolving, it is no wonder that even the past – time of a lazy smoke has changed very much. Nowadays individuals who are health conscious can still enjoy the highs of a good smoke without bothering about the negative aspects that is usually associated with the smoke. Conventionally smoking involves burning of tobacco or herbs which results in smoke, a usual concern to the health of most health conscious individuals. Vaporizers are also greatly supported by doctors and practioners of the medical fraternity as an alternative to the traditional process of burning herbs/marijuana for medical purposes.

The Easy Vape Digital Five brings you closer to an experience where at the leisure of a push-button one can completely remove the smoke off from your next drag experience.The Easy Vape  Five is a digital vaporizer where the medical leaves/herbs are heated to a certain degree where vapors form which can be successfully administered for therapeutic purposes. Usually during burning, most inherent ingredients of the herbs are lost in the process which can now be safely used without the additional worry of the irritable properties of smoke in your lungs.

Why Easy Vape  Vaporizer

Made of surgical grade silicone material the Easy vape digital vaporizer is built to handle temperatures which can safely vaporize the herbs or medical marijuana in the confines of any space where you have it. This medical marijuana vaporizer unit ensures that you don’t have to worry about any manual need to check the vaporization process or the need to check the heat levels while having the experience of a drag.Easy Vape Digital Five vaporizer colors availabe
The Easy Vape Five vaporizer weed contains 5 buttons which takes your vaporizing experience to a new level. This allows you to navigate through the menu and also enables a user to make various adjustments to the vaporizer. Below is a list of the buttons and what they do:

  •   “+” and “-” buttons – using these buttons you will be able to change the temperature and the timer to meet your vaporizing needs;
  • On/Off button – This is located in the center of the 5 buttons. Using this button allows you to switch On or Off your Easy Vape 5 vaporizer weed;
  • “S” button – This button completes the selection. So if you finished adjusting the temperature, press the “S” button to complete your change;
  • “M” button – this button allows you to navigate between temperature selection and timer selection.

Available in Black, Grey Blue and Red color sets, the Ez Vape 5 convection vaporizer comes with a whip and a glass mouthpiece.Another great new feature that the Easy Vape 5 Vaporizer weed has over any of its rivals is that the glass heating element contains a ceramic filter for the weed instead of a metal screen. In other words, by utilising the ceramic filter, you can vaporize on and on without wearing it down.

Easy Vape Five vaporizer Features

Easy Vape Five Features

  • Polycarbonate futuristic shape;
  • The digital LCD display that features couple of addons;
  • 5 buttons that will help you navigate through the menu;
  • Ceramic heater with glass element;
  • Temperature precise to within ±2°;
  • Heat up time averages between 3-4 minutes;
  • Available in 4 colors: Black, Grey, Red and Blue
  • Cost only $79.95;

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Specification  of the Iolite vaporizer

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  • It’s small and convenient- lightweight at only 81 grams.
  • It operates on butane gas.
  • User friendly and takes 1 minute to heat up.
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  • Contains various bonus items.
  • Comes in a variety of colors- 8 in total.
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Easy Vape Five Shopping Online

Compared to other vaporizers available in the market the easy vape comes cheap at $79.95 with additional features to supplement individual needs. For more details, simply log in to EASYVAPEDIGITALFIVE.COM and fill the order form to have this convection vaporizer gadget online. Our secure server enctypts all personal information, including your name, address and credit-card information so that it cannot be read as it is transmitted over the Internet.

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